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I'm amazed for all the love that we have for him ^^

thanks to [ profile] strawberry_gemm 


P.D- quickly!!!! I have classes in 30 minutes!! xD
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I know.. that tomorrow I won't have time to do a picspam like Ryo!! in Japan is Ryo's birthday ^^

all me love to Ryo *-* )
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otra vez en español.. y traigo la segunda parte.. dedicada para Twinie! ^^ y para Haru que queria leerlo... espero q pueda ^^ este capi esta cortito.. u_u y de veras deberia hacerle la presentacion como Tawsu lo hace, pero es q no se me da la idea d hacerlo ^^ weno aki vaa

<3 )

si el primer capi me salio en una hora, este capi me demoró mas, y se los juro q planeaba hacerla corta en 3 capis nomas, pero creo q me saldrá mas u____u... demonios!

weno... igual me gusta escribirlo !! ^^' y este este capi no sale Sho, pero creo q le debió estar ardiendo la orejita de tanto raje de Ella xDDD

se cuidan !

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ohh.. I was suposed to post the second part of Nana&Sho.. but I just couldn't..  I have it already.. but I have to correct it ^^ so... b-day of Nana! you know that I am more into japanese stuff than anything else.. but talking about Taiwan.. there are thre girls who are so special to me.. and the one who is my top girl is Nana! she is special to me, because she is similiar to me ^^' ... she always cry.. she doesn't good luck in love.. she gets sick when I get sick xD.. she has Pinky.. and I have Yuyu.. and Pinky too.. I called my friend Pinky!! xD ... I have long black hair ^^ ... and because my eyes are kinda asian eyes! and that's not my imagination  U___U sometimes people ask me if my mom or dad is asian o_O or if my last name is Lin o___O... and no... but my mom told me that her grandmother was sooo asian.. x___x but we don't really know about it.. but I will be so damn happy if Nana is related to me!! ^^


I wish she is having a great day with her friends and family

I stole this pic of Twinie Ella! *-* because thanks to her I started to pay attention to her!!!! ^^

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I hardly ever say that I like NEWS.. but my banner express my love to them... but this video.. shows why I love them!

that's why they are my favorite group..and Pi is the one! xD
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let me ..let me see! xD because now I have free time I will do this thin ^^ the second part pf my fic is still on my mind ;__ ; but.. because Twinie requested I will do it!! ^^ so.. because I like taiwanese dramas I started to like artist from there.. but not everyone is from Taiwan.. o.o but I knew them because they were there!! xD so.. let's start!

Ni hao xD )

than's all?? o.o
I think so... did u realized that I'm more into japanese stuff ?? xD



Oct. 26th, 2008 01:18 pm
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hace tiempo q no escribia un post en español verdad??? xD bueno pues aqui escribiendo esto..xq.. seh..escribi un fic.. xDD no pude con la q la cancion de Nana me dejo muy .. x333

weno puse mis sentimientos y mas cosas en el fic xDD..espero que lo lean y les guste...


es tiempo de sanar un corazon... )



 y eso es todo!! ^^ d veras mi imaginacion da para mas pero creo q mejor dejarlo aqui.... ahh y está dedicado para mi Twinie!!! y ahi sales!!! Ella siempre está con Nana! jum! xD y acepto criticas por lo mal q puedo escribir.. hace tiempo q no escribia fics la verdad.. ^^'





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ok.. first this list

sorry... they are few! xD )

ok.. so sorry!!! I don't know a lot of Korea.. I don't follow that fandom!!! but I did it *-*.. 7 rught!! *proud*

OMG OMG!!! I cried!! it was so sad.. Nana!and I mean why?? why you suffer.. Nana is like me.. she cries a lot x__x .. ok.. so if u haven't seen the video... here it is.. and the lirics T^T are so.. snfkdnvskndfkbns
video )

T__________________T why?? :(.. why guys are so stupid?? :(

for Tawsu

Oct. 22nd, 2008 11:34 pm
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before my korean list.. =D

Tawsu.. we want ToTo!
-it's a request from Maki and Di..

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u know.. I want to make a list!!! ^^ about Korea!!! the evil side ! *-* and then Taiwanese.. but I'm sure is gonna be soo short comparing it with the japanese lists that I wrote..

Pi likes to eat =D )

meme ^^

Oct. 18th, 2008 11:13 am
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thanks to [ profile] bamboobranch 

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want (though I reserve the right to not answer or to answer evasively). Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including me) to ask you anything.
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OMG.. I'm currently watching Liar game.. and I think Nao chan is soooo stupid ... I hate her character.. xD... oh Toda Erika.. your perfomance is great.. but I hate your character.. xD..
oh.. I'm watching bad family too...and Nodame again! =D
the last dramas in my tv .. with my mom and brother.. while we're eating lunch or dinner :)

the reason why I'm here instead of being in my japanese class is because I'm sick.. so damn sick.. yesterday I was walking in Lima downtown because of my guide class, while I was with fever... moreover I had an exam at night.. so I had to stay outside until that time.. awful... when I was coming to my home.. I was feeling so bad.. and with the fever I thought that I was going to pass out ... u_u and my mom is not here to take care of me... so I decided to stay all day long over here ^^

miss u Twinie u_u

ahhh!!! I have started to like Matsuda Shota.. something that HYD couldn't do it! xD
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... let do it.. even that It's so long x33



memes )


this second one is in english ^^ )
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TU VIDA FUESE UNA PELÍCULA, ¿CUAL SERíA LA BSO?" (tomado del LJ de Tawsuna, weno en mi caso d Haru ^^')

1. Abre tu reproductor de música.
2. Ponlo en modo random.
3. Para cada parte, escribe el título de la canción que toque, como respuesta.
4. ¡Sin trampas!

and this one from Twinie.. where u u?? I miss u!!! :(

first one )


second one )
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T___T I thought that Twinie didn't write here.. so I was going to do this at night.. but NOO...

ok.. let's start!!

gomen Twinie.. u deserve more than this.. x_x )


Oct. 2nd, 2008 01:25 pm
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OMG OMG!!! x____x I can't believe this.. after so long I have found a drama that is in my top top.. with laughing and more!! xDDD I loved the story.. and after I borrowed it from Telle ^^ I started to watch the 2 specials!! xD.. I know.. I know.. I really don't have time.. u_u but I just couldn't stop watching this x333 .. thanks to this.. I absolutely love Chiaiki senpai xDD well Tamaki Hiroshi.. thanks to this I watched KIDS.. which is a good movie ^^ I can't deny that.. :P .. but his character in Nodame was perfect ^^ it wasn't like the clasic story about a guy who loves a girl and he demostrates to her.. NOOO!! xDDDD he's so <3...  and Ueno Juri.. I have told u that I didn't like Ueno Juri in LF.. dunno the reason.. but here.... she's so funny.. and she's crazy too!!! I loved the kiss.. chuuuuu ^^ it was perfect.. because this drama is wasn't romance.. but don't u hate that in drama that is not romance kisses don't exist???? xD  well... like I said I don't have much time u_u but tonight I I gonna to a something for Twinie!!! miss u!!!!

next week.. I have exams x__x no noooo!my fangirl inside in me.. is claiming to see more of Tamaki!!! .. or to read Pi's nikki!!! :((( I miss my Pi..

how r u doing girls?? ^^'
Haru?? do u have exams like I do?? :(
Tawsu.. I want to read.... I want to!!
Twinie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Miss U!!!! I think I said already :) I gonna have a surprise for u.. if Pokemon boy  cooperates with me!! x_x I need your adress and home number..  btw! o.o...


Di is a lovely cloud right now.. but next week I will rain... sdvnjdngjvn exams !! o.o


Sep. 28th, 2008 04:28 pm
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I wanna write my opinion about the last list of Anan ^^' I was going to do it with pics.. because I like it.. but I don't time :(

where are the pics?? ;_ ; )

summary.. all SMAP is here.. one of Tokyo.. one of News.. 2 of K8... 3 of Arashi..
ok.. I better study.. u_u

sorry for boring u ^^'


Sep. 25th, 2008 11:55 pm
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and sleepy!!! today I have been all the day outside.. x__x so.. I didn't have time to check anything.. x_x  Tokyo Juliet.. is not working x33 hate it!! x3 and I have a problem with a girl.. that I don't know if I have to consider her a friend x_x .. but yesterday was kind of funny.. there is a guy.. who is becoming my friend.. and because I told him that I was studying japanese he asked me.. mandarin?? nooo!!! that chinese!! xD.. and because we don't have a subject to talk about (he's so different from me ^^U) he ask me.. did u see saint seiya(dunno if that's the correct spelling )?? LOL.. no.. animes no.. my thing is dramas.. ! because the anime cllub didn't work for me :(  and he have asked me like 3 times.. no.. no!! xD

sorry for this strange post! x_x

Twinie!!! ganbatte!!!!!!!

panda's hugs for everyone!! ^^
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I didn't realize that I have not  been writing a lot lately.. ^^U and it seems that.. this week will be bad.. x__x damn it.. I didn't realized how many works I have to do x__x ... but but..

I have seen "The secret" OMG OMG!! I loved it.. and it the end.. I almost cry.. ;__ ; I love the performances of both !! *-* and of course I love Jay Chou.. but he's not going to be my taiwanese love because Aaron is the one.. !!! Twinie helped in that desicion..

and I'm watching.. Nodame Contabile.. I wouldn't have imagened that I was going to like it so much like I do!!! *-* I love Nodame!! she's so cute.. can u imagine that I like her role in this drama beter than is Last Friends?? xDDD and and..the guy!! OMG OMG!!! crush!!! I have to increase my list of favorite japanese actors no Johnny's!!! xD Tamaki Hiroshi.. I love u <3<3<3<3

have u seen more works of him?? I want to watch something of him!! x333

ohhh!! I have to tell u.. even that I don't write over here my top are: Twinie.. Haru.. Tawsu and Ryoko !! ^^ Yici.. would be here but she doesn't write anything here!!! ^ ^ U

Panda's little hugs!! =D

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