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ohh.. I was suposed to post the second part of Nana&Sho.. but I just couldn't..  I have it already.. but I have to correct it ^^ so... b-day of Nana! you know that I am more into japanese stuff than anything else.. but talking about Taiwan.. there are thre girls who are so special to me.. and the one who is my top girl is Nana! she is special to me, because she is similiar to me ^^' ... she always cry.. she doesn't good luck in love.. she gets sick when I get sick xD.. she has Pinky.. and I have Yuyu.. and Pinky too.. I called my friend Pinky!! xD ... I have long black hair ^^ ... and because my eyes are kinda asian eyes! and that's not my imagination  U___U sometimes people ask me if my mom or dad is asian o_O or if my last name is Lin o___O... and no... but my mom told me that her grandmother was sooo asian.. x___x but we don't really know about it.. but I will be so damn happy if Nana is related to me!! ^^


I wish she is having a great day with her friends and family

I stole this pic of Twinie Ella! *-* because thanks to her I started to pay attention to her!!!! ^^

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