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let me ..let me see! xD because now I have free time I will do this thin ^^ the second part pf my fic is still on my mind ;__ ; but.. because Twinie requested I will do it!! ^^ so.. because I like taiwanese dramas I started to like artist from there.. but not everyone is from Taiwan.. o.o but I knew them because they were there!! xD so.. let's start!

Ni hao xD )

than's all?? o.o
I think so... did u realized that I'm more into japanese stuff ?? xD


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I didn't realize that I have not  been writing a lot lately.. ^^U and it seems that.. this week will be bad.. x__x damn it.. I didn't realized how many works I have to do x__x ... but but..

I have seen "The secret" OMG OMG!! I loved it.. and it the end.. I almost cry.. ;__ ; I love the performances of both !! *-* and of course I love Jay Chou.. but he's not going to be my taiwanese love because Aaron is the one.. !!! Twinie helped in that desicion..

and I'm watching.. Nodame Contabile.. I wouldn't have imagened that I was going to like it so much like I do!!! *-* I love Nodame!! she's so cute.. can u imagine that I like her role in this drama beter than is Last Friends?? xDDD and and..the guy!! OMG OMG!!! crush!!! I have to increase my list of favorite japanese actors no Johnny's!!! xD Tamaki Hiroshi.. I love u <3<3<3<3

have u seen more works of him?? I want to watch something of him!! x333

ohhh!! I have to tell u.. even that I don't write over here my top are: Twinie.. Haru.. Tawsu and Ryoko !! ^^ Yici.. would be here but she doesn't write anything here!!! ^ ^ U

Panda's little hugs!! =D

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