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XDDDD it was sooo funny xD I really like Yasuko to Kenji.. and the weird imagination that Yasuko has with Tsubaki kun :)
today my friend told me that Ohkura was known as the player of the group.. o.o ok...
don't wanna know more about it... if I find an Abiru... I will be dead x_x

what more?? I have NEWS songs of color!! yay :) not thanks to my usb.. because it's dead... u_u at least it worked for get Gy's present u_u... I think is more and issue of the computer.. u_u or my cellphone is broken too o.o

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Nov. 14th, 2008 09:53 am
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I finish with chapter 5
and I love it *o*
the one who shines in green ^^

and I want someone like him cleaning my house *o* and I found very interesting this chapter...
things that u get with much effort ... are the things that u care more *o* right??

end!... I have to go to my university... I have to vote T^T I really hate this... xDD and then.. go tu the museums.. and then.. to the postal office o.o I'm wondering if I will have enough time...xD

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