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ok.. I haven't read LJs.. u_u ... where are you Pinkuu?? u_u.. I finish with 2 dramas today

My Name is Kim Sam Soon .- I love this drama.. yup.. it was funny.. at I like the actor.. who looks like my korean friend xD and Henry.. and I found HeeJin cute.. I usually don't like the "other" person.. but this time was different.. I like it.. and and.. yup.. I like it.. and the end.. great...

First Kiss .- I have to say that I saw this drama because of Yuki sensei ! xDDD I like the doctor.. of course I do I have seen him in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, Prodai and found him soo cute his name is Hiraoka Yuta and he's definitly one of my favorite actors no-johnny xD.. this drama was great.. I like Mio ^^ but brother told me that is wasn't a great drama.. but he's wrong.. I love it ^^ it made me think a lot ^^.. and I loved her nails!! did u notice that?? xDD

yup yup..

so..because of him I'm watching Daisuki! and .. I want to cry ;__ ;

my friend is gonna arrived this september 7th!! so I'm planning a party for her!! OMG!! this is going to be.. THE party!! xD the last time that I organized a party was soooo unforgetable! everyone is talking about the party until now!! and the party was on.. May?? xDDD but.. ONLY girls!! that's the rule! xD


May. 24th, 2008 11:06 am
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I'm so excited with code blue .. the new Pi's drama, it's kinda exciting watching him again I mean I just love when he acts, this last thursday I watched Prodai the especial so.. I want to talk about that xD

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