Oct. 2nd, 2008 01:25 pm
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OMG OMG!!! x____x I can't believe this.. after so long I have found a drama that is in my top top.. with laughing and more!! xDDD I loved the story.. and after I borrowed it from Telle ^^ I started to watch the 2 specials!! xD.. I know.. I know.. I really don't have time.. u_u but I just couldn't stop watching this x333 .. thanks to this.. I absolutely love Chiaiki senpai xDD well Tamaki Hiroshi.. thanks to this I watched KIDS.. which is a good movie ^^ I can't deny that.. :P .. but his character in Nodame was perfect ^^ it wasn't like the clasic story about a guy who loves a girl and he demostrates to her.. NOOO!! xDDDD he's so <3...  and Ueno Juri.. I have told u that I didn't like Ueno Juri in LF.. dunno the reason.. but here.... she's so funny.. and she's crazy too!!! I loved the kiss.. chuuuuu ^^ it was perfect.. because this drama is wasn't romance.. but don't u hate that in drama that is not romance kisses don't exist???? xD  well... like I said I don't have much time u_u but tonight I I gonna to a something for Twinie!!! miss u!!!!

next week.. I have exams x__x no noooo!my fangirl inside in me.. is claiming to see more of Tamaki!!! .. or to read Pi's nikki!!! :((( I miss my Pi..

how r u doing girls?? ^^'
Haru?? do u have exams like I do?? :(
Tawsu.. I want to read.... I want to!!
Twinie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Miss U!!!! I think I said already :) I gonna have a surprise for u.. if Pokemon boy  cooperates with me!! x_x I need your adress and home number..  btw! o.o...


Di is a lovely cloud right now.. but next week I will rain... sdvnjdngjvn exams !! o.o
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I didn't realize that I have not  been writing a lot lately.. ^^U and it seems that.. this week will be bad.. x__x damn it.. I didn't realized how many works I have to do x__x ... but but..

I have seen "The secret" OMG OMG!! I loved it.. and it the end.. I almost cry.. ;__ ; I love the performances of both !! *-* and of course I love Jay Chou.. but he's not going to be my taiwanese love because Aaron is the one.. !!! Twinie helped in that desicion..

and I'm watching.. Nodame Contabile.. I wouldn't have imagened that I was going to like it so much like I do!!! *-* I love Nodame!! she's so cute.. can u imagine that I like her role in this drama beter than is Last Friends?? xDDD and and..the guy!! OMG OMG!!! crush!!! I have to increase my list of favorite japanese actors no Johnny's!!! xD Tamaki Hiroshi.. I love u <3<3<3<3

have u seen more works of him?? I want to watch something of him!! x333

ohhh!! I have to tell u.. even that I don't write over here my top are: Twinie.. Haru.. Tawsu and Ryoko !! ^^ Yici.. would be here but she doesn't write anything here!!! ^ ^ U

Panda's little hugs!! =D

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OK.. I haven't post anything here it's time :



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