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let me ..let me see! xD because now I have free time I will do this thin ^^ the second part pf my fic is still on my mind ;__ ; but.. because Twinie requested I will do it!! ^^ so.. because I like taiwanese dramas I started to like artist from there.. but not everyone is from Taiwan.. o.o but I knew them because they were there!! xD so.. let's start!

Ni hao xD )

than's all?? o.o
I think so... did u realized that I'm more into japanese stuff ?? xD


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ok.. first this list

sorry... they are few! xD )

ok.. so sorry!!! I don't know a lot of Korea.. I don't follow that fandom!!! but I did it *-*.. 7 rught!! *proud*

OMG OMG!!! I cried!! it was so sad.. Nana!and I mean why?? why you suffer.. Nana is like me.. she cries a lot x__x .. ok.. so if u haven't seen the video... here it is.. and the lirics T^T are so.. snfkdnvskndfkbns
video )

T__________________T why?? :(.. why guys are so stupid?? :(


Sep. 28th, 2008 04:28 pm
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I wanna write my opinion about the last list of Anan ^^' I was going to do it with pics.. because I like it.. but I don't time :(

where are the pics?? ;_ ; )

summary.. all SMAP is here.. one of Tokyo.. one of News.. 2 of K8... 3 of Arashi..
ok.. I better study.. u_u

sorry for boring u ^^'

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