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al parecer me demore mucho haciendo este coso xD

meme largo en espaol!!! xq moria x hacer memes! )


Nov. 14th, 2008 09:53 am
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I finish with chapter 5
and I love it *o*
the one who shines in green ^^

and I want someone like him cleaning my house *o* and I found very interesting this chapter...
things that u get with much effort ... are the things that u care more *o* right??

end!... I have to go to my university... I have to vote T^T I really hate this... xDD and then.. go tu the museums.. and then.. to the postal office o.o I'm wondering if I will have enough time...xD
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OMG.. I'm currently watching Liar game.. and I think Nao chan is soooo stupid ... I hate her character.. xD... oh Toda Erika.. your perfomance is great.. but I hate your character.. xD..
oh.. I'm watching bad family too...and Nodame again! =D
the last dramas in my tv .. with my mom and brother.. while we're eating lunch or dinner :)

the reason why I'm here instead of being in my japanese class is because I'm sick.. so damn sick.. yesterday I was walking in Lima downtown because of my guide class, while I was with fever... moreover I had an exam at night.. so I had to stay outside until that time.. awful... when I was coming to my home.. I was feeling so bad.. and with the fever I thought that I was going to pass out ... u_u and my mom is not here to take care of me... so I decided to stay all day long over here ^^

miss u Twinie u_u

ahhh!!! I have started to like Matsuda Shota.. something that HYD couldn't do it! xD


Sep. 25th, 2008 11:55 pm
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and sleepy!!! today I have been all the day outside.. x__x so.. I didn't have time to check anything.. x_x  Tokyo Juliet.. is not working x33 hate it!! x3 and I have a problem with a girl.. that I don't know if I have to consider her a friend x_x .. but yesterday was kind of funny.. there is a guy.. who is becoming my friend.. and because I told him that I was studying japanese he asked me.. mandarin?? nooo!!! that chinese!! xD.. and because we don't have a subject to talk about (he's so different from me ^^U) he ask me.. did u see saint seiya(dunno if that's the correct spelling )?? LOL.. no.. animes no.. my thing is dramas.. ! because the anime cllub didn't work for me :(  and he have asked me like 3 times.. no.. no!! xD

sorry for this strange post! x_x

Twinie!!! ganbatte!!!!!!!

panda's hugs for everyone!! ^^
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today I found out that someone knew my password .. he or she even dear to talk with my cousin and with more people.. x__x when my cousin told me about that I couldn't believe it.. somehow I know who did it.. but I just want to believe is true.. why??? why people have to do that..I don't what to jump to conclusions.. so.. I'm gonna change my passwords.. and forget about it..

moreover.. I don't have a Yuki anymore.. I didn't say it.. because I was hoping that he could return soon to home.. but he didn't.. so.. after almost 3 years of being my baby.. Yuki is not longer with me x__x I have to deal with that and I feel awful.. I feel awful because the last time that I saw him.. I didn't treat him like I should.. u_u so.. I really don't want to cry.. but I cared about him so much.. when I was is USA he was one one the things that I missed the most.. even more that some friends.. ..when I returned he didn't recogniced me at first..but then he did it and he was so sweet.. OMG! sorry Yuki.. gomen ne I was so bad with u :(


Sep. 6th, 2008 08:00 pm
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yup! I was in with some girls of Arashi fan club.. how did it end like that?? because I went to return he disc of anime that I borrow last week and I asked my "ami number 2 " xD to come with me.. and ... I didn't know that some girls of Arashi fan clib were going to get together over there, because next week is meeting for Jun b-day.. ! xD so it ended like that! xDD it was funny.. because none of the videos that they put were known by me!! xD and 2 girls asked me about them and I was like.. etto.. don't ask me u_u other girls have more information =D


yesterday I talk with Haru!! ^^ also Tawsu and of course Twinie.. u_u at the end we were talking about serious stuff and sad at the same time. like u said it's hard to believe that people can suffer that much x__x     ... the only thing that we can laern about that is not make the same mistakes !!!.. u__u btw!! thanks for the link !!! =D

I'm thinking of doing my top of no-johnnys actors that I like =D like I did with my top JE or my fav girls!! xDD

thanks for reading!! ^^

ok ok.. homework!!


Sep. 2nd, 2008 10:40 pm
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yup.. I'm busy.. but I decided to join to an anime club! xDD.. crazy?? I know.. I did it because my friend told me that she was in that club and it was cheap.. and ... I thought that I wasn't watching animes at all.. so.. I joined ! xD.. thanks to that I saw paradise kiss ^^

and I'm watching Daisuki.. so damn sad ;__ ; that drama makes u think a lot!

I hope my twinie is ok!!! ^^ just like everyone else! ^^

oh!! I like to share with u some pictures.. the true is that I'm doing a work about Lima ... and we have to take pictures ^^


I loved this clock ^^

my friends and I ^^

that's all... well about my life.. I played the role of a stupid girl yesterdar.. but it's ok u_u
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ok.. I haven't read LJs.. u_u ... where are you Pinkuu?? u_u.. I finish with 2 dramas today

My Name is Kim Sam Soon .- I love this drama.. yup.. it was funny.. at I like the actor.. who looks like my korean friend xD and Henry.. and I found HeeJin cute.. I usually don't like the "other" person.. but this time was different.. I like it.. and and.. yup.. I like it.. and the end.. great...

First Kiss .- I have to say that I saw this drama because of Yuki sensei ! xDDD I like the doctor.. of course I do I have seen him in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, Prodai and found him soo cute his name is Hiraoka Yuta and he's definitly one of my favorite actors no-johnny xD.. this drama was great.. I like Mio ^^ but brother told me that is wasn't a great drama.. but he's wrong.. I love it ^^ it made me think a lot ^^.. and I loved her nails!! did u notice that?? xDD

yup yup..

so..because of him I'm watching Daisuki! and .. I want to cry ;__ ;

my friend is gonna arrived this september 7th!! so I'm planning a party for her!! OMG!! this is going to be.. THE party!! xD the last time that I organized a party was soooo unforgetable! everyone is talking about the party until now!! and the party was on.. May?? xDDD but.. ONLY girls!! that's the rule! xD

wall e

Aug. 13th, 2008 09:55 pm
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ok ...I have nothing to say related to fandom! xD.. but today I watched ...

and it's soo sweet!! I loved the movie !yup yup..nothing more to say.. oh!! I'm watching Anego... u should know the reason.. Jin! xD
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IT'S CONFIRMED!!! Nino.. Ryo and Toda Erika are going to act together!!!! I'm so damn happy about it!!yuo yup..and the idea of seing Erika Toda.. is great ^^ kurosagi with 2 hot guys!! xD

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