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OMG.. I'm currently watching Liar game.. and I think Nao chan is soooo stupid ... I hate her character.. xD... oh Toda Erika.. your perfomance is great.. but I hate your character.. xD..
oh.. I'm watching bad family too...and Nodame again! =D
the last dramas in my tv .. with my mom and brother.. while we're eating lunch or dinner :)

the reason why I'm here instead of being in my japanese class is because I'm sick.. so damn sick.. yesterday I was walking in Lima downtown because of my guide class, while I was with fever... moreover I had an exam at night.. so I had to stay outside until that time.. awful... when I was coming to my home.. I was feeling so bad.. and with the fever I thought that I was going to pass out ... u_u and my mom is not here to take care of me... so I decided to stay all day long over here ^^

miss u Twinie u_u

ahhh!!! I have started to like Matsuda Shota.. something that HYD couldn't do it! xD

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