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like I said.. videos of yesterday.. they're funny.. and girls.. are so crazy xDD i had a fun time.. but I got sick of Jin x__xc and I found put that I like Ohkura more than Tegoshi.. u___u so.. we already know my top 3! Pi.. Ryo and Ohkura *o*

I just want to say... that real friends are always be by your side u_____________u


Sep. 28th, 2008 04:28 pm
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I wanna write my opinion about the last list of Anan ^^' I was going to do it with pics.. because I like it.. but I don't time :(

where are the pics?? ;_ ; )

summary.. all SMAP is here.. one of Tokyo.. one of News.. 2 of K8... 3 of Arashi..
ok.. I better study.. u_u

sorry for boring u ^^'
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when I did my Top of japanese girls I thought of my list of Johnnys.. compared with last year.. I have changed a little bit.. just a little bit! xD...well.. my favorite Johnnys...

douzo )

P.S.- u don't have to write me in english.. o.o feel free to write in Spanish.. English.. maybe French! xD... if u write in japanese.. well I'll understand only a little bit!! xD

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