Aya Ueto

Nov. 12th, 2008 10:12 pm
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yes!! my fav girl ^^ she sings beautiful... she's pretty.. and she acts soo good *o*... the rumor is that she's going out with Morita san.. of V6?? yay! Johnny! xDDD my brother hates that xDD . he doesn't like Johnnys.. and he adores Aya.. actually of all the girl that he pays attention she is the only one who I can say... that she is an artist ^^


the lyrics of the song are so sad u__u
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last time I was talking with Haru ! ^^ and we were talking about good girls of Japan! xD ok... so... here is my list !! :)

douzo )

P.S.- u don't have to write me in english.. o.o feel free to write in in Spanish.. English.. maybe French! xD... if u write in japanese.. well I'll understand only a little bit!! xD
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OK.. I haven't post anything here ..so it's time :




Apr. 16th, 2008 08:52 pm
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ok! I'm gonna write in english.. again..maybe de reason is 'cause now that I don't speak english everyday like I used to... I have to practice

so first... my fan girl speaks :

ok ok!! Hokaben! I think the couple between Aya and Shige would be interesting.. so I will see that xD.. well.. when I could.. and then.. I have to see a lot of things x33 that is SO TRUE! but! I have to read too.. after I read twilight.. I almost died x_x I just love Edward... he's so dangerous... he reminds me someone that I shouldn't remeber.. but.. that's ok! it's just my imagination

and! Cartton KatTun.. well Chikara21.. she won't translate anymore.. that is so sad..

I wish that my classes of japanese were more advance .. in that way I could understand better u_u but no...I'm so basic u_u

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ok! ja ne!

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