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2009-05-20 09:40 am
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first post

thank u Ky! now I have this account.. I don't know how to do it.. but I will try ! xD
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2009-05-16 09:03 pm
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cap 7 *sanando un corazon

xq era justo y necesario... con todo mi cariño para Twinie


se q me demoré muchisimo.. pero aki esta x fin! es q en si me falta corregir.. y raramente ... corregir me lleva mas tiempo q escribir!!

cap 7 ^^ )


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2009-05-15 10:57 pm

Happy bday Tada-chan!!!

because he's 24!!! so 24 pics to show why he's so love! xD post.. dedicated for the fans of him..

24 reasons of Tada! * )
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2009-04-30 11:40 pm
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Happy b day Keii n_n

at the end I couldn't make a picspam! :(

no pic u___u but still! Koyama YOU ARE SO GREAT!!! ^^ I hope this bday is a meaningful bday for u! n_n

and Ryo win a prize!!! yuo Ryo u are amazing! :)
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2009-04-10 08:49 pm
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thanks to [profile] karemu_u 

Go to MY userpics and choose;
1. Your favourite
2. Your least favourite
3. The one that automatically makes you think of me
4. One you think I should totally use more often
5. The one you don't get/needs more explanation/you have no idea why the hell I have it.


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2009-04-09 11:53 pm
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sanando un corazon capitulo 6!

yup... ! I'm writing again! in spanish n__n so... let go with chapter 6! xD si quieren encontrar los otros capis... akii

capitulo 6


cortito! )


y bueno... no iba a olvidarme d mi fic...! si es q pensé mucho en el.. y bueno.. nada!!! si Nino sale es porque encontré un amor nuevo en él xDDD y nada... ustedes deben saber que Nino y Aya se conocen ^^ en juin.. me voy a memir.. tengo sueño! y dedicado para todas las personas que aun recuerdan mi fic! ^^
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2009-01-22 10:23 am
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meme in spanish! n.nU

al parecer me demore mucho haciendo este coso xD

meme largo en espaol!!! xq moria x hacer memes! )
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2009-01-20 09:31 pm
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S.H.E's meme! :)

Name: Diana.. Dii.. Sakura.. Twinie! xD
Age: 20!
Country: Peru
Favorite S.H.E: Selina.. Nana!! because I'm like her!! :)
Favorite Song: Too much! x.x
Favorite MV: the one of my fic!
Favorite Paring: NanaSho!
Other fandoms: News.. Johnnys!
Do you have sth to add?: I did it because of my lovely Twinie!! because I like S.H.E too!! just because of her!!
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2008-11-24 07:54 pm
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capitulo 5 - sanando un <3

it took me a long time to post it... sorry ^^'
chapter5 ) espero que les haya gustado... me demore mucho en colgarlo no xq no lo tuviera si no xq tenia q corregirlo ^^ ahora si aparecen los 2 ven?? ^^' no soy mala! xD si seria fic d Nana&Sho
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2008-11-15 11:06 pm

oki san.. sayonara! (plus meme)

XDDDD it was sooo funny xD I really like Yasuko to Kenji.. and the weird imagination that Yasuko has with Tsubaki kun :)
today my friend told me that Ohkura was known as the player of the group.. o.o ok...
don't wanna know more about it... if I find an Abiru... I will be dead x_x

what more?? I have NEWS songs of color!! yay :) not thanks to my usb.. because it's dead... u_u at least it worked for get Gy's present u_u... I think is more and issue of the computer.. u_u or my cellphone is broken too o.o

Los 7 pecados:

meme )
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2008-11-14 09:04 pm


yes! I watched koizora.. then to Tellita ^^ and I loved the movie.. I started at 11pm of yesterday so imagine when I finish it.. at the end I was crying it was beautiful I loved the movie :P BUT! I don't have a crush with Miura!!! xD that's funny because all the people who have watched koizara fall  for this guy.. but I think he's cute.. but dunno.. he acts very well of course *o* and Gakki was so cute *o*

I didn't realized that I had the OST of the movie xDDD heavenly days and Tabidachi Uta.. *o*

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2008-11-14 09:53 am
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I finish with chapter 5
and I love it *o*
the one who shines in green ^^

and I want someone like him cleaning my house *o* and I found very interesting this chapter...
things that u get with much effort ... are the things that u care more *o* right??

end!... I have to go to my university... I have to vote T^T I really hate this... xDD and then.. go tu the museums.. and then.. to the postal office o.o I'm wondering if I will have enough time...xD
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2008-11-12 10:12 pm
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Aya Ueto

yes!! my fav girl ^^ she sings beautiful... she's pretty.. and she acts soo good *o*... the rumor is that she's going out with Morita san.. of V6?? yay! Johnny! xDDD my brother hates that xDD . he doesn't like Johnnys.. and he adores Aya.. actually of all the girl that he pays attention she is the only one who I can say... that she is an artist ^^


the lyrics of the song are so sad u__u
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2008-11-11 11:01 am
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happy birthday my lovely Tegoshi *(^o^)*

I know!!!! I know he's not my third spot anymore ;_ ; but it's not his fault!!! is Okura fault!! xD
well.. Tegoshi is 21 years old *o* one year more than me ^^U but still he looks so young.. when I found about him.. it was because of Hoshi wo mezashite *o* I remember that time... I was becoming a NEWS fan *o* like I am right now ... I didn't even know nothing about Uchi or Kusano.. for me NEWS was 6 memvers.. later I found out all of their story.. and I like them more! :)

and for my panda .. because he is a panda for me!! ^^

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2008-11-10 09:22 am
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Subaru??? LOL

I did this... I wanted Ryo or Ohkura.. but the result was Subaru!! xDDDD ok.. I like him ^^ maybe he's not one of my favorite Johnny's :P but I like him! xD

thanks to
[ profile] galaxy_namida 

works!!! x__x


see u :)

P.S.- does someone knows how can I get rid off of some of my tags?? o.o

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2008-11-09 08:34 pm

Johnny's meeting

like I said.. videos of yesterday.. they're funny.. and girls.. are so crazy xDD i had a fun time.. but I got sick of Jin x__xc and I found put that I like Ohkura more than Tegoshi.. u___u so.. we already know my top 3! Pi.. Ryo and Ohkura *o*

I just want to say... that real friends are always be by your side u_____________u
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2008-11-09 08:06 pm
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sanando un corazón cap 4

aqui les traigo el capi 4... totalmente con Sho incluido xDD viene un toq mas cortito porque lo quise hacer numa de Sho, osea que tengo material para el 5to capi ^^ espero q les guste !!!! 


</3 ) 


</3 )
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2008-11-07 10:29 pm
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picspam in spanish!! xq es Jossy's cumple xD

xq es cumple de Jossy!!! y lo hacemos en español xq a Jossy le da pere leerlo en ingles!! xD asi q weno... ella es una persona muuy especial para mi ^^ la vdd es mi 1ra amiga x internet =D y no es la unik obvio!!! pero d veras q dsd el principio q aparecio el sexy Osaka man...

FELIZ CUMPLE!!! kerido postre!! xD )

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2008-11-05 01:43 am
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aqui les traigo la 3ra parte ^^ y se las dedico a las niñas d x aki.. q con sus comentarios me alegran muxo ^^ y espero q ninguna d ustedes este triste.. U__U ganbatte!!!! Twinie!!!! espero hablar contigo prontito... Tawsu x333 y Haru q se encuentra malita U_U espero q te sanes prontito 



sanando un <3 cap 3 )



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2008-11-04 10:19 pm
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meme !

thanks to[ profile] sere_chan 

about dramas ^^ )